The Centre carries out socio-economics and environmental baseline studies, and needs assessment. With priority needs clearly idenified, it designs programmes and projects that could meet them. The CRD seeks collaboration with both national and international bodies, including NGO’s and corporate organizations in implementing such programmes and projects.


In response to requests or advertisements for professional services, the CRD undertakes routine consultancy as well as project conception, execution and monitoring on behalf of clients. The normal practice is to submit a written proposal.

The objectives of the Consultancy Services Unit are to:

  1. expose the University to render expert services to the practice of their professions.
  2. enable the University to render expert services to the state and nation, thereby reducing their dependence on foreign experts.
  3. enable both the  University and its professional employees to earn additional revenue and
  4. create an additional set of activities which will enrich the teaching and research endeavours of staff.

In special circumstances,unsolicited proposals arising from the results of our in-house R&D efforts are forwarded to relevant end-ser agencies,organizations,industries or the government,with a view to stimulating the start and growth of new, innovative businesses,policies and concepts. Consistent with our philosophy of seeking to provide excellent and quality services, maintain effective coordination and also meet clients’ deadlines, each project is entrusted to a coordinator who serves as the Client’s Services Executive(CSE).

The CSE maintains two way communication with the client,supervises project operations,keeps project proceedings within schedule, and monitors the activities of field coordinators.

In addition, each project is assigned to a highly skilled,tested and multi-disciplinary team of experts that have up-to-date knowledge of the Nigerian environment in general, and the specific project requirements in particular.

The CRD has a pool of resource persons that can provide services to an array of clients spreading across the different sectors of the Nigerian economy. The clients include Local,State and Federal Government Agencies and Ministries,Oil, Chemical and Allied Industries, Educational Institutions, Agricultural and Rural Development Agencies, Manufacturing Sector, Solid Minerals Sector and International Agencies.


The CRD serves as a repository for research ideas and inventions. Its intellectual Property and Technology Transfer(IPTT) policy seeks to protect ideas, thoughts, or products of individual or collective intellectual efforts. The issues covered  by the policy relate to disclosure of intellectual property, confidentiality, material transfer, ownership of intellectual property, sponsored research, marketing,licensing and revenue distribution.The major goals of the policy include auditing all R & D projects,securing patents for inventions and creations generated, promotion of Science and Technology, commercializing patents through licensing or developing incubators to create high-tech start-ups and spin-offs, rewarding inventors/creators, and promoting and enhancing strong research-industry linkages.